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Cosmébio trophies for Cosmetic Excellence

COSMEBIO, the no. 1 global association for ecological and organic cosmetics launched COSMEBIO trophies for Cosmetic Excellence.

The trophies recognise a company's ethical initiatives as well as the quality of a cosmetic product.

Pre-selection criteria is clear and strict:
Respect for humans: Fair and interdependent trade
Respect for nature: Biodiversity and Environment.

After a pre-selection process by the COSMEBIO Ethics Commission, a consumer panel tested and chose the best cosmetic products. They were required to assess the cosmetic quality of products based on clear criteria: attractiveness, effectiveness and sensory analysis.

Emma Noël created a shea supply subsidiary in Mali to ensure the traceability, lasting quality, transparency and safety of supplies. This involves pre-financing and a 3-year contract with producers including a guaranteed minimum purchase price. The project has already created, organised and equipped 20 tree nurseries in 14 villages.
At the root of Emma Noël treatments lies respect for Humans, through fair and interdependent trade practices, respect for nature through the preservation of biodiversity, traditional expertise and minimising its ecological footprint.
The Sensual Emma Noël, Shea Monoï seduced with the sensuality of the Tahitian Flower, with its sweet scent and remarkable quality!

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