savon blanc de Marseille Emma Noël

Marseille white soap

A unique soap

  • Soaps are made from vegetable oils by a process called saponification. heating the oil to obtain two fractions (mashing): fatty acids and glycerin
  • elimination of glycerine waters: spinning
  • addition of caustic soda to fatty acids and heating for 4 to 5 hours (cooking)
  • washing with water to remove traces of soda: salting out
  • wash with water to remove salt
  • addition of water to the soap to make it fluid, the master soap maker judges with the spatula the final moment when the dough has become neutral (neither acid nor basic)
  • decanting the soap 24 to 36 hours
  • kneading the dough
  • rest the dough so that it hardens
  • cutting soaps
  • steaming to crust the sides which will be stamped

Throughout this production, the know-how of the master soap maker is essential.

From one batch to another the color may vary slightly. The master soap maker works handcrafted and operates on noble materials, alive and subject to sensitive variations in color.

pétales rose Emma Noël


Main assets:
Palm oil 80%, coconut oil 20%.

pétales rose Emma Noël


Very often recommended, Marseille soap can be used for personal hygiene or for washing clothes (glitter).

Palm and copra oils are used to give consistency, firmness and lather to the soap.

pétales rose Emma Noël



pétales rose Emma Noël
pétales rose Emma Noël


Sodium palmate, Aqua (water), Sodium cocoate, Sodium chloride, Sodium hydroxide, Glycerin. 

Cube soap 300g in transparent film.

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